Residence and work of Ukrainian citizens in Poland – a guide in English (Pobyt i praca w Polsce obywateli Ukrainy – poradnik w języku angielskim)


2022 is a strange year, a year marked by war, shock, chaos, loss and pain, diplomatic and political chess with a huge wave of refugees in the background. Behind our eastern border, unimaginable and unpredictable things are happening in the 21st century. And yet. We have been confronted with new situations, geopolitical changes that we have to deal with, whether we like it or not. Bearing in mind the recent very difficult events, we want and support Ukraine and its citizens in our own individual, accounting way – we support them with information!

Below we present a guide on the stay and work of Ukrainian citizens in Poland, its legalization and entry into the territory of the Republic of Poland. The guide has been prepared in 3 language versions: Polish, Ukrainian and English. It contains all (at the moment) relevant information and valuable tips, organizing and systematizing knowledge on the current situation in the country and the rules accompanying it when crossing the Polish-Ukrainian border and legalizing the stay of war refugees. We encourage you to read.

Residing and working in Poland (Guide for citizens of Ukraine) – Zamieszkanie i praca w Polsce (Przewodnik dla obywateli Ukrainy)

Border crossing (Przejście graniczne)

General remarks (Uwagi ogólne)

Visa-free entry (Bezwizowy wjazd)

Exceptional entry (with no passport) (Wjazd wyjątkowy (bez paszportu))

Refugee procedure (Procedura uchodźcza)

Residing in Poland (Zamieszkanie w Polsce)

Temporary residency permits (Zezwolenia na pobyt czasowy)

Permanent residency permits (Zezwolenia na pobyt stały)

National (D) visas (Wizy krajowe (D))

Working in Poland (Praca w Polsce)

Statements (Sprawozdania)

Work permits (Pozwolenia na pracę)

Temporary residency permits (Zezwolenia na pobyt czasowy)

Poland. Business harbour programme (“PBH”) (Polska. Program Portu Biznesowego („PBH”))

Specjalista IT – Poland.Business Harbour (Angielski) – strona internetowa (

Family Members (Członkowie rodziny)

Temporary residency permits for family members and relatives (Zezwolenia na pobyt czasowy dla członków rodziny i krewnych)

Residing and working in Poland (Ukrainian citizens) – pdf guide in Ukrainian 

(Pobyt i praca w Polsce (obywatele Ukrainy) – poradnik pdf w języku angielskim)

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